Canvas Stretching

Last summer at an event called, Worship@ 8500, 6 paintings were created live while the music was playing. I began 3, while another artist began another 3. We then "passed the brush" to the next person and so on.  It was a collaborative project, which created artwork that was then sold for anti-human trafficking, with funds going to Just24-7.  I was recently asked to stretch a couple of the canvases.  Here is the process:

The Canvas is over 7 1/2 feet tall so I took over my living room to lay it out

I'd already measured and built the frame which just needed to be centered.
Using the Stretcher and some staples I worked my way around the artwork.
Folding the corners over properly is an important step to it being taut.
The finished corner

The back finished on one piece.

My son standing next to the leaning artwork to show some scale. 
The finished product.  All I have to do now is put a finish on it for protection.

 Fine art is one of my passions in addition to the other services I provide.  Next up:  A step by step journey through a fine art piece I am beginning.  Also check out:  My Business Art Site.

Fine Art by Clint Dunning

The following are pieces I've completed and are for sale as Gicl'ee (jah-KLAY)only since the originals are sold. Gicl'ee prints are done with archival inks on canvas. Prices are the same for all pieces of artwork.

8 x 10= $38
11 x 14= $55
16 x 20= $100
16 x 24= $120
20 x 24= $150
20 x 30 = $190
24 x 30 = $225
24 x 36 =$268

My Latest (Untitled)
Medium: Acrylic, pastels, vinyl 

Tree of Change (Roots up)
Medium: Acrylic, Pastels

 Tree of Change (Tree Up)

Blue-Faced Girl
Medium: Acrylic, Pastel, Venetian Plaster

Payment can be made through Paypal (contact at for details)or Check.  
Checks should be made out to:

Artisan Decorative Finishes
8949 Bellcove Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80920